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Blanche K Werner Public Library

Who We Are

The Blanche K Werner Public Library is located in Trinity, Texas and provides free services to all residents of the State of Texas as well as travelers.

The library system holds over 25,000  individual materials including books, audio books on CD, and a DVD movie collection as well as genealogy and local history items.

In total, over 18 thousand items were checked out of the system during fiscal year 2009-2010! In addition to these items, thousands of people entered the library to utilize print and electronic reference resources, access the Internet through the Library’s fiber-optic connection, view genealogy materials, and/or attend a library event.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to serve you. Welcome to the Blanche K Werner Public Library!


Melvin Shelly, Library Director 

Sophie Evans, Assistant to the Director

Cassie Thompson, Circulation Assistant

Joy Jackson, Circulation Assistant

Jo'Lee Tarkon, Circulation Assistant

Paula Holcomb, Circulation Assistant

Irma Alfaro, Custodian


Lisa Martin - Storytime Leader 

Nell Sweetman - Cataloger