Blanche K Werner Public Library

Your Library Card


To obtain a Library Card:

Membership at the Blanche K Werner Public Library is open to all citizens of the State of Texas ages four (4) and up. Patrons will need to fill out an application to obtain a library card. 

Persons 18 and over need one of the following:

A: A valid driver's license showing current address.

B: A recent utility bill or rent receipt in their name showing current address.

C: Two personal references who live in the local calling area, are at least 18
     years old, and can be reached during the library's business hours.

Children of at least 4 years of age but not over 17 years of age must have an
adult, who meets the above criteria, sign for them.

The initial library card is FREE; however, replacement cards are $3.00 each.

The Blanche K Werner Public Library will issue individual cards to each family member that meets the requirements for membership, and each patron must present their card to check out books or utilize other library services.


Your Library

Checkout Policy (Borrowing Limits):

Books and Audio Books:

Limit - 5 per patron. Checkout period is 14 days and items may be renewed over the phone for an additional 14 days. The fine for overdue books is $.25 per day, per book.

The fee for lost or damaged books is cost plus $5.00 processing.


Limit - 3 per patron, Adults Only. Checkout period is 7 days with no phone renewal. The late fee for videos is $1.00 per day, per video.

The fee for lost or damaged videos is the cost of the item(s) plus a $5.00 processing.

In order to use the library's services, each person must have their library card with them. No one is allowed to use another patrons card.


Books Wanted

Reserving An Item:

When an item is checked out, the patron has the ability to "reserve" the item, meaning that when the item is returned the Library will hold the item for the patron and will call the patron to inform them that the item in question has been returned. Please understand that an item can have multiple holds placed on it by other patrons, so there may be a "waiting list" for the item. Reserved items are distributed to patrons in the order in which the holds were placed.


Renew Your Books

Renewing Your Borrowed Items:

Borrowed items can be renewed once by phone, with the exception of movies, which cannot be renewed. An item cannot be renewed if it has a "reserve" placed on it (see above-Reserving An Item).  A patron can renew items by calling 936-594-2087 and asking a staff member to renew your books, or you can ask a staff member at the circulation desk to renew your items.


Library Fines

Library Fines:

Fines are twenty-five cents ($.25) per day on items that can be checked out for two weeks. Fines are $1.00 on items that can be checked out for seven days.